I am very excited to announce that Mike Cado and Pat Wheeler will be performing at the fundraiser! Both Mike and Pat are fantastic musicians, composers and teachers, and have become mainstays of music in Toronto. Their unique style and unsurpassed musicianship is sure to make for an unbelievable performance!

Ali Berkok and Mark Laver will be providing some of the entertainment for the event. These are two of Toronto’s best jazz musicians. They make up half of the brilliant Arkana Music. If you are not already familiar with them, please follow the link above to their website and download the album Hyprovisation today. You’ll be glad you did

Performing will be the fantastic Bring Your Own Brass! This is one of the finest brass quintets in Toronto. Each of the musicians are highly trained and together create a solid and fine performance. Regardless of the type of event, these guys will bring a touch of class.

Also performing will be Les Yeux Brass!!  This group is made up of some of the best brass players around.  They all have superb training and come from a variety of musical backgrounds – from Orchestral music to Jazz, even Salsa!  Their performances are always exciting and fresh.

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