Many Faces of Jesus College

One of the greatest things about living in Oxford is the buildings.  When knee deep in complicated academics, and in desperate need of clearing the mind, there is nothing better than strolling around some of the University buildings.  One of the greatest things about living in Jesus College is that one doesn’t even need to leave the campus to find an assortment of architectural delights.  Here is a sample of some of the many faces of Jesus College.

This first one stands guard on the side gate:

His companion:

A jolly friar:

Not really sure what this one is doing:

Making faces at the people below:

This guy helps me feel safe at night:

I’d probably look a lot worse if I had been vomiting lead pipe for centuries:

Finally my personal favorite.  In fact there is a bit of a story with this one.  Ever since arriving at Oxford there was a particular carving that I had wanted to find.  It is often found in guidebooks and I think it is really funny.  In the first few weeks of being here I had gone for a number of walks with people around various colleges and searched for this carving, never with any luck.  I once joked that maybe its actually on Jesus college.  Well, it turns out there was something behind that joke.  While waiting to meet up with someone from college, I found the carving on Jesus College!!  He is picking his nose!!!:

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  1. Elliot Wright Said,

    December 17, 2008 @ 3:50 pm

    …to be honest, I think what he’s doing with his fingers has something to do with what he’s holding in the box in his other hand … wink wink. . . of course, at the time it was carved, I’ll bet doing snuff was a perfectly common practice….

    Anyways, merry Christmas Matt! If you feel like visiting barren old York sometime when you visit back here, lemme know so I might be able to get over there and say hi. Glad you’re having a good time at Oxford – still laughing at your going away video.


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