A Whole Month of Christmas

An Oxford term goes by very fast.  Only eight weeks in length, one feels as though they are finishing only just after starting.  Like many schools, this puts the end of the first term (called Michaelmas here) at the beginning of December.  Unlike any school that I had been to before, Oxford actually celebrates Christmas at this time.  This means that by December 5th I had already been to three Christmas dinners, each complete with Christmas crackers, cranberry sauce, and carols!  

To top it all off, the city of Oxford decorates the city with lights at the beginning of advent.  I think it is going to be a strange feeling getting back to Canada and be faced with the fact that Christmas is still half a month away!

Here are a few pictures of festive things:

The city’s tree on Broad Street:

Torches out front of the Ashmolean:

Jesus College carol service by candlelight in the chapel:

The tree at Magdalen College:

Jesus College hall with its tree:

Christmas meal in hall.  Good food and good friends, what Christmas is all about:

This will be my last post for a little while as I am heading back to Canada in a few days for the Christmas Break.  With eight week terms we get six weeks off in between each term!  Please check back for new posts in the new year.